Set up a Business Page on Facebook.

These days it’s crucial to have a Business Facebook Page to match the branding of your website.   You can take a peek at the Yoga Business Facebook Page I set up to help promote my Yoga Teacher Kits.  If you get a yoga website designed by me, you’ll receive Business Facebook Page graphics (for free) that matches your website so you look professional.


  • Google loves Facebook business pages
  • Add a link to your blog posts
  • Let prospects & clients know about offers
  • Ability to schedule content
  • More professional than using your personal Facebook page
  • Can assign admin roles (if you have employees)
  • Ability to set up several business pages

60 minutes


Step 1
Go to Facebook.

Step 2
Sign in with your personal account

Step 3
Click the arrow on the right and then click “Create Page”.

Business Facebook Page Setup

Step 4
Choose your classification

As an alternative health practitioner you’ll probably want to choose “Local business or place”.   Though, if you have a studio (e.g. a yoga studio, you could choose “Company, organization, or institution”.    Choosing the right classification will help you rank better on Google.

Step 5 
Fill out your business name and location information

Keep in mind that your category and business name can’t be altered once your Business Page has been created.

Step 6
Complete basic information

Upload Photo

This photo will appear as your icon every time you comment on a post or appear in news feeds.  Ideally, make it your logo.

About Section

Write your ‘About’ information.  This blurb will be the main description for your company.  It will be on your main page, so make it short and sweet.   Make sure you include a link to your website within the description.

Step 7 
Cover and Profile Images

There are only two images you need to add to your Business Facebook Page.  They are the “cover image” and “profile image”.

Cover Image (851 x 315 pixels) = Large image at the top of the page
Profile Image = Small image that goes on the left of the cover image

It’s very important to make your cover and profile images look great.  If they look amateurish, you’ll immediately put most people off from looking at your content.  That’s why when you purchase one of our WordPress sites, you’ll receive a cover and profile image that matches your website.

Step 8
Know thy Business Facebook content strategy

You’re now ready to start using your Business Facebook Page.   However, I strongly recommend you sit down with pen and pad in hand and come up with content you can share on your page.

For example, you could use your page to add the following content….

A) Add the URL of your blog posts with a brief description (I usually just put the title of the post) of the post.
B) Special offers (e.g. first class or treatment is free)
C)  Day/time of your next course (e.g. your next 6 week yoga course)

Step 9
Send out invitations

Once your Business Page has some good content, invite people to like your page.  The more useful resources you have on your page, the more “likes” you’ll get.   When someone “likes” your page, each time you post something on your Business Page, that person will know about it.

Step 10 
Use Insights to track your stats

Business Facebook Insights

On the bottom right of your Timeline Cover Image you’ll see three dots.  Click on the those dots and click “View Insights”.   For each post on your Business Page you’ll be able to:

  • See how many people you’ve “reached”
  • See how many people “engaged” with each post

This will help you find out what your target market likes.  For example, I found that visitors to my Business Facebook page really like my “Asana Infographics”.  So, armed with that useful information, I now spend more time creating asana infographics because that’s what my potential customers like the most.

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