Mastering Gmail: A Comprehensive Guide to Adding a New Email Address in 13 Steps

How to add a new email to your Gmail account

Email Marketing

Send emails from your main email address (e.g. from within your Gmail account.


15 minutes

Part 1: Set up a Gmail Account

If you don’t already have a Gmail account, here’s how to set one up.

Step 1

Go to

Step 2

Click “Create an Account.”

Step 3

Fill in the info (name, user name, etc). 

Part 2: Setting up an Add-on Email to Gmail

Step 1

Click on “Settings” and then click “Accounts”


Step 2

Within Check mail from other accounts (using POP3) click “Add a POP3 mail account you own”.


Step 3

Enter Username: and password (this will be provided by your web designer)

Step 4

Tick the ‘Label incoming messages box’

Step 5

Click ‘Add Account’

Step 6

Keep the YES selected and Click ‘Next Step’

Step 7

Keep everything as is and click ‘Next Step’

Step 8

Keep the ‘Send through Gmail’ selected and click ‘Next Step’

Step 9

Click ‘Send Verification’.

Step 10
Retrieve the code from your Gmail by going to your inbox (it may take a few minutes before the email with the verification code arrives).

Step 11
Click on the verification link (or add the code to the box from step 9) and click ‘Next’.

Step 12

To use your new add-on email address, click the “From” link when you compose a new message.   You’ll see a drop-down menu next to your address, where you can select the email address you’d like to send from.


Step 13

It’s a good idea to make your main email address your default.  To do that go back into “Settings” and click “Accounts”.  Now find the section that says ‘Send mail as’ and choose which email you want as your default by clicking “make default”.



Undo Send Feature: Have the option of having 30 seconds to click “Undo” after sending an email. This is useful if you write a nasty email that you immediately regret sending!  Click here for the steps.

Step 1

Log into your Gmail account

Step 2

Click on “Settings” (upper right corner)



Step 3

Click on “Labs”.


Step 4

Scroll to the near bottom of the page and look for “Undo Send”.  To the right select “Enable”, and then click “Save Changes” at the very bottom of the page.


Step 5

Customize the time delay by clicking “Settings”, and then clicking the “General” tab.   Locate the “Undo Send” section and change the duration under the drop-down menu box.

Step 6

Now when you send an email you can click “Undo” to cancel the sending of the email.


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