Yoga Business Boost: 5 Quick Marketing Tips

Strategy: Try a new yoga marketing tactic. 

Purpose: There are thousands of marketing activities you could be implementing, but you can’t do all of them!  The trick is to regularly open new “marketing doors” to see if they lead to the marketing promised land (attracting qualified leads to your business).

I recommend scanning through the marketing tactics below and getting a hunch for “which marketing door to open”, then take action on the marketing activity in a tiny way (e.g. only write one article on and if it works keep on doing it.  That last part is important. It may sound obvious, but if you find a marketing door that keeps leading to “lots of qualified leads” then it would be rather idiotic not to keep on opening that door.  Yet, that’s exactly what most businesses do. They stumble upon a marketing tactic that works and fails to consistently implement it. In footballing terms, they drop the ball.

A wise and successful business friend of mine once said,

“Business success is boring which is why so few entrepreneurs are successful.”

Make sure you don’t drop the ball. Be boring. Be consistent.  And implement your proven marketing tactics over and over and over and over and over again until they stop working.

Time: 30 minutes per tactic

Difficulty: 2/10

Yoga Business Tip 1: Email Newsletter

Why implement this strategy:  If you ask any business coach/consultant their number one marketing tip, it would be to “focus on marketing to your customers and not on trying to attract prospects”. That’s exactly what you do when you send one email a month to your customers.   Emails can be used to get clients and prospects to visit your website. Sending an email is free. You can collect emails from your website.  Emails let you drip-feed useful tips and tools to your customers (so they never forget you!).  Emails are great for promoting new products, services and special offers.

Step 1: Use Mailchimp. It’s free and easy to use.

Step 2:  Watch the MailChimp video tutorials to learn how to use it. Within 30 minutes you’ll be an e-Newsletter expert no matter how limited your computer know-how may be.

Yoga Business Tip 2: Forum Participation

Why implement this strategy:  Start posting in various forums to enhance your online presence.  More of your prospects will get to know and trust you if you regularly participate in forums.

Step 1:  Go to Google and search for “forums in your niche market” (e.g. forums for yoga teachers).

Step 2:  Make a note of all the forums in your niche (I used to use Evernote to keep me organized, but now use OneNote).

Step 3: Participate in the forums.  By participating I don’t mean advertising your business.  Participate means replying to posts in the forum (and creating your posts) giving something of value.  Only, and I repeat only include a link to your website in your signature at the bottom of your posts.  And make sure the signature points to a link on your site that offers something for free (e.g. blog posts or a free eBook).

Yoga Business Tip 3: Free Online Classifieds Adverts

Why implement this strategy:  I know, I know, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. But there is online!  Why pass up a bit of free traffic if it’s available? It may take a few hours to add your site to 30 classified sites, but I think it’s worth it.

Step 1:  Click here for 30 free classified ad sites.

Step 2:  Go to each classified ad site and submit your site.

Yoga Business Tip 4: Google AdWords

Why implement this strategy: For targeted traffic, Google AdWords is a great option to attract qualified leads to your website.

Step 1:  Sign up for Google Adwords.  It’s free to sign up.

Step 2:  Create ads and choose keywords, which are words or phrases related to your business.  Here are some keyword ideas. My recommendation is to set a monthly budget (e.g. £30 a month).

Yoga Business Tip 5: LinkedIn Signature

Why implement this strategy:  I use a “LinkedIn signature” at the end of all the forum posts I reply to or submit on Linkedin.  This simple signature doubles my yearly income!  I get a lot of traffic from LinkedIn and I highly recommend you start participating on LinkedIn forums within your niche.

Step 1:  Join Linkedin

Step 2:  Join groups related to your niche market (e.g. the niche that I serve is ‘yoga teachers’ because I sell Yoga Teacher Kits on my other site at  So, I joined about 20 forums catering to yoga teachers).

Step 3: Reply to posts without any hint of selling anything and include your “Linkedin Signature” at the end of your comments.

For example, my Linkedin Signature is: 

Om Shanti,
George Watts
BWY Yoga Teacher <= Free yoga lesson planning tips
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