Adding a Google Map is a great way to show visitors to your site where your venue is and how to get there.   Below is a post I did to show a Client of mine called Shugu on how to add a Google Map to her yoga classes page.

Part 1:  Type your address into Google Map

Step 1
Go to the Google Maps website.

Step 2
Type in the address of your yoga venue.  For example, I typed: “Karen Country Club, Nairobi, Kenya”.

Part 2:  Share and embed map 

Step 1
Click on the settings icon on the bottom right (looks like a black tire) and click “share and embed map”.

Step 2
Click “Embed map”. This will show you the embed code.

Settings Icon

Part 3:  Iframe

Step 1
Click “Embed map”

Step 2
Copy the text in the box (iframe code)


Part 4: Log into your WordPress site and embed the Google Map

Step 1
For example if you purchased one of my Yoga WordPress Templates, you’d log into the admin of the site, go to the “yoga classes” page, and click the “copy icon” which will duplicate the module.

Duplicate Module

Step 2
Open the Google Map section

Open Google Map Section

Step 3
Add code to “text section” and click save.

Add Code To Text Section

Step 4
Click the blue “Update” button (top right).


That’s it.  You’re done!

You’ll have a Google Map on your page that will look something like this….

or you can take a look at it on Shugu’s yoga website.

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