The Yogi’s Guide to White Hat SEO: 6 Tactics for Website Success

White hat SEO tactics (the good kind of SEO!)

Get your website on page one of Google for free and make sure you don’t make Google mad by doing any naughty black hat SEO.


30 minutes

Step 1: Know The Difference

Learn the difference between White and Black Hat SEO…

White Hat SEO:  Good (approved by Google)
Black Hat SEO:  Bad (not approved by Google)

You’ll want to focus your time on White Hat SEO!   If you do any Black Hat SEO tactics (e.g. keyword stuffing), Google will soon find out which will cause your Google Ranking to plummet.

Step 2: Watch The Video

Learn about White hat SEO by watching the video below.

Step 3: Try A Tactic 

Try out a White Hat SEO tactic mentioned in the video:

Tactic 1: Effective Keyword Usage
Using keywords effectively within pages, posts and images.

Tactic 2: Guest Blogging
Post on another related but non-competing blog. 

Tactic 3: Natural Inbound Links
Sites will link to you if you have quality content.

Tactic 4: Quality Content
Regularly add posts to your blog (and create YouTube videos.

Tactic 5: Interior Links
linking to your pages and posts (lowers bounce rate).

Tactic 6: Blog Commenting
Make it a real comment (not spam) and include a link to your site.

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