How To Add Images To A Yoga WordPress Site

How to add images to pages and posts in WordPress

You’ve heard of the saying: “An image is worth 1000 words”. Well, that’s even more true in our fast-paced lives.  Visitors to your WordPress site will want to see images throughout your pages and posts.   If you’ve just got a blank page of text, you’ll bore the pants off them.

5 minutes


Step 1

Log into your WordPress Admin by opening a browser and typing: and then entering your username and password.

Step 2

Set up a yellow folder on your computer called “My Website Images”.  This will keep you wonderfully organised. If you have lots of images consider creating subcategories (e.g. Feature Slider Images, Content Area Images, Homepage Images, Post Images, etc).

Step 3

Add images you want to include on your website to your “My Website Images” folder.

You can either…

  • Download free royalty-free images from one or more of these sites.
  • Get a local photographer to take photos of you.
  • Purchase royalty-free images.  I use and recommend Shutterstock.

Step 4

Edit the image in your favourite image editor (e.g. photoshop or paint).  

Step 5

Add the image to your page or post.  

  • Go to the page or post
  • Add the mouse cursor where you want the image to go
  • Click “add media”
  • Click “upload files”
  • Upload the image (select or drag the image)
  • Copy the title text into the “Alt Text” box
  • Select the alignment (left, centre, right)
  • In the “Link To” box select none
  • Select the size you want in the Size box (thumbnail, medium, large)
  • Optional:  Add a caption
  • Click “update”
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