Yoga Marketing Tactics

Find the perfect domain name for your yoga business.

If you’re hunting for the perfect domain name for your website, or would like to include more SEO friendly words and phrases to your pages and posts, then you’ll definitely want to get your hands on the Google Planner.

30 minutes


Video Tutorial:

Step 1

Log into Google AdWords and click on “Tools and Analysis” and then “Keyword Tool”.

Step 2

Enter the settings you want…

  • Word or phrase | Enter your list of keyword ideas
  • Website | Enter URLs from your website
  • Category | Leave blank
  • Only show ideas closely related to my search terms | Tick the box
  • Match types | Select only ‘exact’
  • Locations | Select ‘United Kingdom’
  • Languages | Select ‘English’
  • Devices | Select ‘Desktops and laptops’
  • Keyword ideas | Select ‘Keyword ideas’
  • Columns | Select only ‘Local Monthly Searches’
  • Sorted by | Select ‘Relevance’
  • Number of results | Select ’1-100′

Step 3

Create a list of 20 keywords that describes what your business does.  Include general and specific keywords.  Include local regions that you want to target  (e.g. Powys,  Manchester, etc.).

Step 4 

Enter your list of 20 keywords into the ‘word or phrase’ field and click search.

Step 5

Scroll down and download the 100 keyword ideas as a .csv file.

Step 6

Remove any keywords with a search volume of less than 25.  And remove any keywords which aren’t directly relevant to your business.  You now have a list of 10-100 keywords you can use to…

  • Purchase a domain name
  • Use as the title on a page
  • Use as the title of a blog post
  • Use on the first paragraph of your page or post

Step 7

If you’re using the keywords as content within your pages or posts, I recommend you italize, bold or link them.  Google puts a higher priority on phrases that are italized, bolded or linked.   That means a higher ranking for your page or post.

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